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Teens 4-Ever


Welcome to Teens 4-Ever Web Site!

I am creating this site as a fun site for teens and preteens to come and have fun. This is my summer project. Even though this site is Teens 4-Ever, I want to welcome moms and dads, grandparents and aunts & uncles to visit my site! I have a forum board and a chatroom that are free for everyone to use, there is also a guestbook for you to sign. Make sure you include your web page address so I can visit you too! I will be updating my site as often as possible so check back soon to see any new things that have been added.

This is your webmistress

This is a picture of me. Check into my photo page to see other pictures of my friends and family.

My Favorite Things To Do

I like to play volleyball and do yardwork. During summer break I usually work for my papaw and grammy to earn extra money for neat stuff.

Some of My Favorite People

My grammy and Papaw are only some of my favorite people. Grammy has "Grammy Day" for us every year. This is when she takes us to the park (all of the grandkids-about 30) and we play games and eat really good food. Before we go home we stop at grammy's house to pick up our "Grammy Day Bags" and WOW this is a treat!! She and Papaw have filled it up with some really nice stuff!

My Pets

I have a guinea pig named Sid. You can find more stories on Sid and see pictures of him all through my site.


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